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November 01, 2006



Hi! I get so excited when I see another food blog from LA, and yours is great!

This sounds like a real treat. I think avoiding the suet was a good idea though...

(who is overly-exclamatory today!)


I saw your comment on Sams post and laughed, she absolutely hates Christmas pudding, whereas the rest of her family love it. Yours looks and sounds delicious and if I wasn't travelling might even try to make, hey maybe I'll try anyway!I've lived in Ireland for 12 years and never met anyone who makes their pudding, though plenty still make their Christmas cake.


I've never made X-mas pudding, but it looks like such a great thing to try out sometime. Though I fear I'd be alone in consuming it...


Rachael: Yay! Another LA girl! I have a lot of reading to catch up on. Thanks for checking in. Let's compare notes!

Beccy: So it is confirmed... I am nuts for making the pudding! Well, it's all for the husband; he loves it so, so it's worth it! Funny about Sam! I thought I might have found a sympathizer!

Luisa: That's the problem; we end up with this enormous, dense, rich cake that only 1.5 of us eat. We end up having to get real creative: The Mayor's favorite? Frying it up until golden brown and crusty, in Irish butter of course.

Randy Arnold

Thanks for getting my in the Christmas spirit already!
Where's the goose recipe?
Tiny Tim

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