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February 06, 2006



I too have been blessed by a BBM goodie bonanza. The MOST delicious chocolates, caramels, and jellies from lovely California chocolate shops, and all sorts of treats and yummy things with a Valentine's Day theme (tea, mugs, heart shaped cookie cutter, etc, etc.). My daughter and I had a blast opening up the package that was waiting on the front step when we came back from a run. (Now I have to add twenty miles to run off all the extra claories, but it will be worth every step!!!)I can run to the great CD of "Unconventional Love Songs" you compiled. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You are SO thoughtful and creative. As a bonus, now I have a wonderful new blog to visit!


You are so welcome, Heather! I had so much fun putting that together! Of course, I sampled everything a long the way... one for Heather, one for me, one for Heather, one for me!


Wow... what a haul.. this is by far the most I have ever saw in a package.


Hi Maya!

I am glad you enjoyed all your presents! I love shopping for food and I really love shopping for gifts, so this was a match made in heaven! Tell the Mayor if he is good,I'll send you the recipe for the muffins as well. Everyone needs something to hold over their hubby's head.


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